Credit Coaching Is...

Education: We believe a credit counselling agency that functions well with integrity has, at its core, a passion to provide education for people to learn the basic life skills of financial management. A spending plan or budgeting techniques and methods to manage personal debts are vital for everyone because they impact so many areas of our lives.

Practical Help: When people find themselves in circumstances of a credit crisis, meaning they are unable to meet the current debt payment obligations, they often need some help. A Counsellor acts as an advocate for the individual and helps develop a more affordable repayment plan acceptable to the lenders and the individual. It can be as simple as a fresh pair of eyes to suggest some changes or, more complex solutions. It is practical and professional help.

Genuine Hope: People facing a credit crisis may find other areas of their lives become much more difficult due to the financial pressure of repaying debt. Judgment and clear thinking can sometimes become clouded. With compassion and concern, a Counsellor can help people see hope for a brighter future is possible.

Trustworthy Truth: Like many other facets of financial management, there are a variety of options and opinions. Messages in advertising can be confusing. A Counsellor can and will present various options to repay debt and let the individual decide what is best for them. The information presented will be unbiased.

A Not-For-Profit Charitable Organization: While not a legal requirement, we believe counsellors should be trained and accredited and, their respective agencies should be registered as not-for-profit charitable organizations. This means the organization's leadership and staff are accountable to a volunteer Board of Directors who receive no compensation for directing the agency. No one receives any personal investment gain such as a shareholder in a for-profit company would.


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