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These forms are used to gather initial information prior to your first coaching session with a Credit Coach or Money Map Coach. Following this procedure allows your Coach to review information before your first appointment in order to spend more time focused on you during your appointment. Forms 1, 2 and 3 are required. 

Coaching Appointment Reservation Form

Coaching Form #1 - Asset List

Coaching Form #2 - Debt List

Coaching Form #3 - Present Budget

Contact Forms

General information you wish to communicate to us.

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We appreciate every financial VP! That's short for Vision Partner. God can multiply everything.

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Feedback Forms

Please tell us how we're doing. Both the good and, not so good. We'll see how we can do better.

Life Group Facilitator Form

Life Group Participant Form

Training Feedback Form

Training Forms

These forms are part of our online training methods. Used by those registered in training courses.

Online Training - Money Map Coach Training Questions

Life Group Facilitator Training Quiz

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