Crown Vision Partners

partner |ˈpärtnər| noun

1 a person who takes part in an undertaking with another or others, especially in a business or company with shared risks and profits.

Here at Crown we try to keep generosity as simple and biblical as possible, as we understand it. The Crown Vision Partner (VP) program is our modest way to simply identify individuals who choose to be obedient to the Lord’s prompting to partner with Crown through finances and prayer. 

Crown VPs understand, agree with and, choose to partner with Crown’s vision and mission for ministry across Canada as an eternal investment. We deeply appreciate such faithful people.

We Believe in…

  • the greatest motivation for people to give should be obedience to God
  • offering people an avenue to be financially involved in partnering with God’s work as the Lord leads
  • encouraging people to first seek the Lord about partnering with Crown and, ensuring generosity to their own local church body is their first priority
  • providing transparent financial reporting of ministry activities
  • providing regular written updates on ministry activities - we try for quarterly updates delivered by low cost electronic methods such as email
  • engaging Crown Partners by requesting feedback and ideas on strategic ministry initiatives to help discern the Lord’s direction for Crown

We Don’t Believe In…

  • labelling people or programs as bronze, silver, gold, platinum or preferred donors etc. based on the size of a financial donation because Jesus is more interested in our heart attitude towards sacrifice not, the size of cheque we write
  • spending money to offer incentives such as books or videos to solicit someone to give financially because the Bible does not teach a "give to get" attitude (we may occasionally provide random expressions of gratitude after a gift is received but, they will not be used to first solicit financial donations)
  • spending money using third party fundraisers because God doesn't need help 

How do I become a Crown VP?

This is where it gets really simple, at least we think so.

  • On line: Cash gifts may be submitted securely on our website in the Processing Portal. Donations will be processed to your credit card using secure PayPal services.
  • By Pre-authorized Debit (PAD): Become a Vision Partner and save time and money each month by using Pre-authorized Debit. Your regular gifts will be automatically deducted from your chequing, savings or credit card account.  Please submit your information online here or, download the form to mail.
  • By Phone: Please phone the office @ 866-401-0626 to provide credit card information. Alternatively, you may provide bank account information for Crown to directly debit your account securely on a one-time basis.
  • By Mail: Please mail cheques or drafts to the office, 15 Barrie Boulevard, St. Thomas, ON N5P 4B9.