What Is The Process?
In General:
Experience has shown us we are able to help people understand their situation and options fully in 2-3 sessions. From there, people decide if they want to continue a coaching journey of acountability to implement their biblically based plan to manage money God's way and achieve financial peace. Long term regular accountability is one of the most important factors to succesfully achieve financial peace.

Step 1: Free Initial Consultation
During this initial session, we explain the Hope Coaching Ministry approach, options and fees. This time is also your opportunity to share with us a brief summary of your circumstances and what kind of help you may be seeking. In other words, share with us why you contacted us. This session is not intended to provide detailed coaching. We usually spend about 20 minutes and leave you with the choice to continue.

Step 2: Assessment
If you choose to continue with Hope Coaching, we then provide you with tools and assistance to gather all your personal financial information - assets, debts, income and expenses so, we can establish a starting point and learn the financial aspect of your situation. The more information the better. We may even ask you for recent copies of bank account and credit statements. Providing this information often takes people up to two weeks to find everything they need and still balance their household responsibilities. This information is required to enable your Hope Coach can review and prepare adequately before your first full coaching session. We will also ask you to sign a Ministry Request Letter to officially start the coaching journey. The Assessment Step is where ministry fees begin.

Step 3: First Coaching Session
During this session, we will review the information you provided and your Hope Coach will ask questions to clarify information or fill in what may appear to be missing information. This is not usually a line by line review. Your Coach will also spend time listening to your story in more detail and may ask questions about your background and childhood memories about money. This information is tremendously helpful for the Coach and you to discover possible hidden causes of financial difficulty. We have learned financial "problems" are often not the real problems but, symptoms caused by other issues. As you are comfortable, your Coach will also spend some time in prayer with you and, sharing principles taught in the Bible to support financial recommendations. Our experience shows the first session usually runs about 75-90 minutes. After this session, your Coach will spend time in prayer and working on some recommendations to share in your next session.

Step 4: Second Coaching Session
In this session, your Coach will present at least one recommendation and discuss advantages and disadvantages of each recommendation.Your Coach will also share biblical teaching and prayer so, you may choose more wisely the best action plan for you. This is important - the choice of what to do is always yours'. Depending on the recommendations made such as, regular budget coaching sessions to help you get on track or, negotiations with creditors, your Hope Coach will also explain any applicable fees to implement a plan.

Step 5: Implementing Your Plan
Should you choose to continue, your Coach will walk and work with you to implement your plan. This is where we are talking about long term accountability which, is one of the most important factors in succesfully achieiving your financial goals. Some people will continue with bi-weekly sessions to establsh and understand their budget and, may do so for several months. Others will begin the process of negotiatiing debt repayment to creditors. You Hope Coach will do this on your behalf and it may take several months. There are applicable fees for these ongoing sessions and actions and are often unique to each Participant.