Money & Marriage


This dynamic four hour session is designed for those newly married, engaged to be married or who have celebbrated several anniversaries. With case studies and personal life stories, Crown's President, Rod Rattray, shares the powerful connection bewteen money and marriage. Participants will learn God's biblical principles to strengthen a marriage and, defend their marriage against breakdown due to unwise financial management.

This seminar can be effectively hosted over consecutive nights or mutliple times in a weekend to maximize attendance opportunities.

Hosting Ideas:

  • 2 consecutive evenings (Part 1 _ Part 2 @ 2 hours each)
  • Saturday morning, afternoon or evening - 4 hours each
  • Friday evening Date Night Part 1 and Saturday morning Part 2
  • a combination of Friday evening plus Saturday sessions to give Participants attendance options (Part 1 Friday evening + Part 2 Saturday morning then, a second full 4 hour session later on Saturday)

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