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Who is this for?

  • Your debt payments are all up to date but, your monthly budget still seems tight.
  • You have no debt but are struggling with the cost of living.
  • You’re in a crisis because your debt payments are behind and maybe Collectors are calling you.

In any of these circumstances you may benefit from an extra pair of eyes and ears to assess your situation and make biblical recommendations. 

What ministry is available to me?

For those who find keeping up with the cost of living to run a household even though you have little or no debt, the Hope Financial Coaching ministry offers assistance to establish or re-design a regular, practical spending plan or, "budget" as some would call it. Many people live "pay cheque to pay cheque" and so, our approach is designed to help people become confident in planning between pay cheques and eventually build up savings to break the uncertainty and frustration of living pay cheque to pay cheque.

For those with debt payments which are behind or often late, or perhaps have been contacted by Creditors or collection agencies, our Hope Coaches may become your advocate and negotiate with Creditors to achieve a repayment plan acceptable to you and the Creditors. We do not provide bankruptcy or consumer proposal services and instead, seek ways to repay all of debt owed. Our goal is to keep you in control in a proactive approach instead of being reactive. Along with re-organizing debts, a workable spending plan is also developed as it is crucial to ensuring debt repayment.

Why Crown?

Crown Canada has been providing biblical financial education in Canada since 2001. As a not-for-profit charity registered with Canada Revenue #859767337RR0001, Crown is accountable to the public, a board of directors and governing bodies. All revenues from fees charged are utilized for charitable ministry purposes and subject to annual audit. you can be assured no one is personally profiting from the level of debt someone may hold.

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