Seminars and Workshops


Journey To Financial Freedom

The Christian life is a journey and, personal financial management is no exception. This one day seminar is comprised of these 5 topical modules:

  1. Building a Strong foundation - God's Part and Our Part in Finances
  2. Biblical Perspective of Debt - Learn What the Bible Says
  3. Practical Perspective of Debt - Real World Tools for Managing and Reducing Debt include a behind the scenes look at loan applications
  4. Generosity - Those big questions of How Much? Where? When? are all discussed.
  5. Saving and Investing - Biblical principles

Sessions are enhanced with dramatic video segments and interactive real-life case studies. Participants will discuss and work together to develop solutions to the financial challenges presented in the case studies. In doing so, many people tell us they "see themselves" and get answers to their questions without embarrassment. Participants also receive a workbook and copy of Your Money Counts by Crown co-founder Howard Dayton.

Being modular in nature, this seminar has been effectively delivered in a full 8 hour day, half days or consecutive Saturday or evening sessions. Click here to watch a short video trailer.

Money and Marriage

This dynamic four hour session is designed for those newly married, engaged to be married or who have celebbrated several anniversaries. With case studies and personal life stories, Crown's President, Rod Rattray, shares the powerful connection bewteen money and marriage. Participants will learn how God uses money to strengthen a marriage with biblical principles while those who are married must defend their marriage against breakdown due to unwise financial management.

This seminar can be effectively offered over consecutive nights or mutliple times in a weekend to maximize attendance opportunities.


Shorter topic-specific Workshops are also available. These workshops are typically individual modules pulled from the Journey seminar. This way, a Facilitator can easily speak on one topic at ministry breakfasts or lunches.


Crown's president, Rod Rattray, is available to speak in church services, at ministry breakfasts and other functions. Simply contact the office and he'll be pleased to discuss your ideas.

We also offer different topical teaching series. A gifted public speaker and teacher, Tom Copland, generously serves several times a year to facilitate in depth teaching series on relevant topics such as reducing debt, biblical investing principles and operating businesses biblically. Workshop titles include:

  • Debt Reduction God's Way
  • Debt Reduction God's Way For Businesses
  • Biblically Based Investing
  • Biblically Based Estate Planning

Click to read Tom's bio in our Who's Who? section.

There are no events available at the present time. Please check back at a later date.